2021 CyberAuto Challenge

United States

Student Participation

Tired of COVID and distance learning? We are too. Come join us for a week packed with fun, learning, and great contacts in industry and the hacker community in the longest-running automotive cybersecurity event in the US. The CyberAuto Challenge began in 2012 and has been a leading annual educational event for students and a great connection point to find industry, government, and security researcher mentors. Our mission is to show college students the exciting and fast-moving world of automotive cybersecurity in a hands-on setting.
•Real cars
•Real tools
•Real hackers
•This year we will study police & emergency vehicle systems and electrical vehicles and their connection to the GRID.

We bring in some of the world’s best minds and teachers – including Bruce Schneier, Len LaPadula (of the Bell-LaPadula Model), Craig Smith (Car Hacker’s Handbook) – and many more to teach the process of cybersecurity analysis and assessments.
Industry partners bring in modern cars and component systems. We train on these cars – then we assess them in an “all nighter” (with midnight and 3AM pizza runs) and finally present findings to the Industry partners to showcase student work and thought process. Over the past 9-years many students that attended the CyberAuto Challenge have graduated into Industry and Government. Many become key leaders and performers in the fast-growing transportation cybersecurity domain.
The modern car has an enormous number of radios (WIFI, Bluetooth, Telematics, NFC, TPMS, DSRC, and sometimes more), dozens of computers, and millions of lines of code – they are interesting, powerful, and at the very edge of the cyber-physical systems studies. Join us.

When: 19-23 July 2021 Where: Warren, Michigan Cost: Absolutely Free

How to attend: Ask your professor, advisor, or college organization/association to Email: cyberautochallenge@gmail.com. With the following information:

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