Basic Electronics for IoT and IoT Fundamentals



Basic Electronics for IoT and IoT Fundamentals is intended to introduce instructors to the concepts of IoT, the Internet of Things, through a series of hands-on projects built around Arduino microcontrollers, an array of electronic components, sensors, and actuators, and computer programming. This workshop is designed to help instructors gain an understanding and proficiency in the technologies centered around the Internet of Things, and how to teach these concepts to high school and college students.

This workshop will also introduce instructors to basic electronics concepts related to IoT devices through a series of hands-on projects built around electrical concepts, components, and theories. There is no prior knowledge of electronics or computer programming required for this workshop.

Price: FREE

Seats: 20

The workshop will meet virtually on May 31st to June 3 from 9:00am to 2:00pm CST via Zoom. The workshop will be delivered virtually through Canvas. Students will be asked to complete 13 Arduino projects, five of which will be completed virtually with the group. Additionally, the students will complete the review questions and quizzes after each project.

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