Careers in Cybersecurity: Reverse Engineering

All dates for this event occur in the past.

Dreese Labratory
2015 Neil Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210
United States

On November 17th, Aaron McCanty, Senior Cyber Engineer at Battelle Memorial Institute, will explore a day in the life of a reverse engineer. Mr. McCanty will highlight ways to get involved in this up-and-coming field, and why you can get paid to break things apart. (Computer science degrees are not required for this career path.) The event will take place both virtually and in person at Dreese Labratory, room 480, from 5 to 6 p.m. Food and beverages will be served. Make sure to register prior to attending the event using the link above.

Our careers in cybersecurity speaker series will run throughout the fall semester, intended to educate attendees on the various careers within the cybersecurity field. Speakers will explore the different skills, training, and classes required to succeed in each path.