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Navigating the Cybersecurity Career Path

This book cover is a map with a roadmap on it and the title "Navigating the Cybersecurity Career Path" on it.

Book written by Helen Patton

Book review by Larry Pesce

Bottom Line

I recommend this book for the Cybersecurity Canon Hall of Fame.


Helen Patton's "Navigating the Cybersecurity Career Path" emerges as an indispensable guide for aspiring and established cybersecurity professionals alike. With a blend of theoretical underpinnings and practical wisdom, Patton provides a roadmap that is as informative as it is engaging.

Patton's book is divided into comprehensive sections, each addressing a critical aspect of the cybersecurity profession. The initial chapters lay a solid foundation by discussing the importance of understanding cybersecurity basics, regardless of one’s technical background. Patton emphasizes a multi-disciplinary approach, recognizing that the best defense against cyber threats often involves a fusion of technology, psychology, and strategy.

The heart of the book delves into the personal attributes and technical skills necessary to excel in a cybersecurity career. Patton's insights into the importance of continuous learning and ethical responsibility are particularly poignant. She uses real-world examples to illustrate how cybersecurity professionals can navigate ethical dilemmas and the pressures that come with protecting sensitive information.

Furthermore, Patton's coverage of career progression strategies is a treasure trove for readers. From obtaining certifications to networking effectively, she offers actionable advice that is both pragmatic and inspiring. The chapters dedicated to career advancement not only suggest what to learn but also how to apply this knowledge strategically to ascend in one’s career. Some of the best advice here was focused around community, whether it is building a community of your own, or through joining existing ones of like-minded folks is important. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I’d offer that a cybersecurity village is essential to the success of any cybersecurity professional. 

A unique feature of Patton's work is her emphasis on the human element in cybersecurity. She advocates for strong communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively within diverse teams. Her discourse on the soft skills required to influence corporate cybersecurity culture is a testament to her deep understanding of the field's nuances. As a hiring manager in the field, the soft skills are often ones that I look for the most, especially excellent written communication. So many up-and-comers in the cybersecurity field overlook the soft skills in favor of technical ones, but a balance is really needed. In this respect, Patton’s guidance is spot on.

As one who was changing jobs and reflecting on my career recently, this book was an excellent guide to making sure I was appealing to the job market. It was good fortune that many of my career moves, social interactions and industry participation were aligned with Patton’s advice. I feel that Patton’s advice is sound, based on my experience alignment.


Helen Patton’s "Navigating the Cybersecurity Career Path" is a tome of wisdom for anyone serious about forging or furthering a career in cybersecurity. With her expert guidance, readers are equipped not just to enter the field, but to excel and lead. The book's balance of technical know-how and career strategy, enriched with ethical discussions and personal development tips, makes it a candidate for the Cybersecurity Canon Hall of Fame. Patton’s work is not just a book but a mentor in print, a must-read for those who aim to make a significant impact in the cyber security field.