Deepfake Technology Advances as does the Fight to Combat Them

Posted: September 16, 2022

Binghamton Professor Doctor Yu Chen is developing a novel technology to detect deepfakes and deepfake attacks in online video systems. Deepfakes, images or videos significantly altered by artificially intelligent systems to create fraudulent media, are growing increasingly more advanced and common amongst cyber attacks. The formidable task to understand and fight them, undertaken by Chen and his team, takes an innovative approach to detection by analyzing Electrical Network Frequency (ENF) signals. “In this research, ENF signals are extracted from video/audio recordings generated by edge cameras connected to the power grid. The authenticity of ENF signals is validated using signal traces collected at multiple locations within the same power grid,” says Dr. Yu. After, "...a dynamic cross-correlation coefficient is adopted that verifies the authenticity of the ENF estimate with a parallel ground truth ENF estimate from the main power grid.”

Yu's efforts are of critical importance in an age where the public is largely susceptible to misleading content. Yu says, “Our method delivers a disruptive technology that enables the ultimate victory in the battle against deepfake attacks." Not only is his research making massive strides towards combatting deepfakes, but it is also advancing the research of AVS data security. Yu and his team are continuing to work towards crucial breakthroughs in an ever-growing field.

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