Ohio State Researcher Vimal Buck Make Strides Towards Protecting AI Technology

Posted: October 27, 2022

The Columbus Dispatch published an article on October 17th highlighting the work of Vimal Buck, Ohio State senior researcher and cybersecurity director, and his fellow team of researchers.

Buck and his team are focused on studying promising ways to protect and defend autonomous manufacturing systems from cyberattacks. Their research was spurred by a 2010 cyberattack in Iran responsible for causing significant damage to prominent Iranian centrifuges. 

The researchers obtain data from the robots in their lab through cameras and sensors which can detect both standard and irregular operations within the machinery. If suspicious activity is detected, the data demonstrates whether the activity is indicative of a typical malfunction, or a serious risk.

With the threat of cybercrime continuously rising, the prominent work of Buck and his team is proving to be a crucial factor for a protected future of Artificial Intelligence technology. The research is particularly critical for the state of Ohio, which ranks fourth in the nation for manufacturing gross domestic product.  

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