BuckeyeCTF 2023 Recap

Posted: October 6, 2023
This image depicts tables of students participating in BuckeyeCTF, a cybersecurity competition at The Ohio State University.

The Cybersecurity Club at Ohio State held its fifth annual BuckeyeCTF (Capture The Flag) competition on September 29, sponsored by the Institute for Cybersecurity & Digital Trust. The competition, featuring real-world cybersecurity scenarios ranging in caliber, prompts students to mitigate and resolve different crises. With over 40 challenges, $3000 distributed in prizes, and 5,310 flags submitted, BuckeyeCTF continues to pilot the frontier of cybersecurity competitions.

The event drew an impressive crowd, increasing attendance numbers compared to previous years. 45 Ohio State-division teams, 93 in-person attendees, 672 University-division teams, and 190 open-division teams participated.

We look forward to sponsoring BuckeyeCTF again next year!

This image is a flyer for BuckeyeCTF, a cybersecurity competition hosted by ICDT.