Midwest VICEROY Institute Application


What is the Midwest VICEROY Institute?

The Midwest Viceroy Institute (MVI), a virtual, cross-collaborative institution between the University of Kansas, The Ohio State University, and Purdue University Northwest, tackles emerging issues in cybersecurity and electromagnetics spectrum research.

To learn more and apply, check out the Midwest VICEROY Institute website.

MVI Program

The MVI developed a free online curriculum with various 10-week courses, training activities, and summer research opportunities for students in the MVI member universities.
Courses include: 

  • EMS Security - Software-Defined Radio Attacks and Defenses
  • EMS Security - Securing Next-G Networks
  • Certification Preparation - CompTIA Security+
  • Certification Preparation - CISCO Cyber Ops
  • Certification Preparation - Cloud System Administration
  • Certification Preparation - Ethical Hacking
  • Language Proficiency for Cyber Operations in Chinese

Training Includes:

  • Hands-on cyber operations training on reconnaissance, penetration testing, and malware analysis activities.

Summer Undergraduate Research Projects Include:

  • Theme 1: Computer and EMS System Security
  • Theme 2: AI in Cyber and EMS Systems

VICEROY Scholars

To incentivize students to participate, the MVI also created the VICEROY Scholars program, offering five different scholarship opportunities.
Scholarships Include:

  • VICEROY Scholarship - $1,500
  • Security Certification Scholarship - $2,000
  • Cybersecurity Research Scholarship - $5,000
  • Cyber-Operations Scholarship - $500
  • Language Scholarship - $500

To learn more and apply, check out the Midwest VICEROY Institute website.